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The daughter of the 8th Earl of Courtown served on the board of trustees for Cornwall Air Ambulance and was chairman of charity, until her retirement towards the end of last year.

Cornwall Air Ambulance moved into a new building in 2016, which they named after Lady Mary in recognition of her service.

Shepherd) and has featured in some of the most controversial and high-profile storylines in the soap involving her family and her number of relationships (she has been married six times).

Gail's storylines include her marriage to Brian Tilsley (Christopher Quinten); her vicious feud with her mother-in-law Ivy Tilsley (Lynne Perrie); coping when Brian is killed in a knife attack; marrying the much younger Martin Platt (Sean Wilson); coping when her teenage daughter Sarah falls pregnant at the age of 13; divorcing Martin and marrying serial killer Richard Hillman (Brian Capron); being kidnapped with Sarah, David and her granddaughter Bethany Platt (Emily Walton/Lucy Fallon) by Richard and being driven into the canal by him; her feud with Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) after her son Todd (Bruno Langley) comes out as gay while dating Sarah; throwing David out after he hides drugs in Bethany's toys; being pushed down the stairs by David after he discovers that she took Tina Mc Intyre (Michelle Keegan) to a private abortion clinic to terminate a pregnancy fathered by David, marrying Tina's father Joe Mc Intyre (Reece Dinsdale); being imprisoned for Joe's murder when his plan to fake his own death goes wrong; a feud with David's wife Kylie Turner (Paula Lane); coping with the secret that Kylie slept with Nick and that her unborn baby may not be David's; marrying the burglar who robbed her home Michael Rodwell (Les Dennis); keeping the secret that Andy Carver (Oliver Farnworth) is not actually Michael's son but an impostor; trying to help David come to terms with Kylie's death; and locking David in the cellar of the Bistro after discovering that he is going to kill Kylie's murderer.

anniversary of the loss of the Christina Craig, one of many Eyemouth fishing boats and crews which were signed up by the Admiralty to serve in the World War I Auxiliary patrol.

Many photographs remain in the Collin family and are included in the talk.

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Angry, Gail leaves home, moving into the shop flat with her co-worker/former schoolfriend, Tricia.

Gail Potter is a friend of Tricia Hopkins (Kathy Jones) and a boss.

She is first seen when she tells Ray Langton (Neville Buswell) that Tricia fancies him.

'...investigation still not closed' NASA's Curiosity rover recently sent back some intriguing photos of the Red Planet -- and 'alien hunters' are claiming it's the work of an intelligent species. Ambassador Nikki Haley warned on Wednesday that the isolated nation's actions were 'quickly closing off the possibility of a diplomatic solution.' What United States will use 'if we must' The first daughter wrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday after the publication criticized a billion plan championed by her and her father.

Strange pattern with an unknown origin The president's associates are worried about him discussing one topic with his Russian counterpart at this week's G-20 summit, according to a new report. Group she says gets 'left behind' Your pragmatic approach to managing a project at work might surprise others today, since you’re often the one with the most colorful visions.

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