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Because of the limited number of serial ports on the APM2.x, the telemetry radio cannot be used while the board is also plugged in with the micro USB port.This page will show you how to setup a Raspberry Pi (RPi) as a gateway to a 3DR Telemetry Radio.Use the 6 pin DF13 connector that should have come with the radio to connect the radio to your Pixhawk’s “Telem 1” (“Telem 2” or “Serial 4/5” can also be used but the default recommendation is “Telem1”).Use the 6-to-5 pin DF13 connector to connect the radio to your APM2’s Telem port.RTK solutions take approximately 4-5 min to converge, from this time onwards you will get the precise solution, if sky view is not too obstructed.If Solo Link is lost during flight, Drotek GPS will behave as a “normal” GPS. Base is configured to acquire a positioning precision of 1 meter, you can read current precision on console log.For the following steps make sure you have access to the internet from Raspberry Pi, this is needed in order to download the software packages.The easiest way to achieve this is to connect the RPi to an Ethernet connection.

To accomplish this tutorial you will need the following items: You now have the Raspberry Pi ready to setup Mav Proxy and to set it up as an access point so you can use it to create a local Wi Fi network.

If you are using Linux, the driver is already built in to the operating system (handy! If you are using Windows you may hear a sound from the computer and a little popup bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen that says Found New Hardware FT232R USB UART.

Mission Planner will by then configure the base in Survey mode so it can calculate its own position automatically.

Next we need to edit the file /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf, this files allows the computers connected through Wi Fi to automatically get IP Addresses, DNS, and other information to allow them to connect through the RPi.

and select the COM port drop-down on the upper-right corner of the screen (near the Connect button). After the Mission Planner detects which board you are using (i.e.

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