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After all the two have been through, what awaits her? If you are planning on reading this story, it is highly recomended that you read the first story: . If you are new to the Equal Romance Trilogy stop right there and read this!

Prende efficacia, quindi, il contratto stipulato lo scorso 29 dicembre 2016 da entrambe le parti.

Mit derlei Wertschöpfung resümierte jetzt das Bündnis, das den plakativen Namen „Die Zweiburgentalente“ trägt, das erste Jahr als eingetragener Verein – und damit mit gestärkter Schlagkraft.

Es war die erste satzungsgemäße Mitgliederversammlung des Bündnisses; ziemlich genau ein Jahr nach der Vereinsgründung.

And to my returning readers, thank-you for your interest in my story! Due to circumstances out of my control, I haven't been able to write on this story in a long time, it was SO frustrating, lemme tell you. This is a request fic, I already have the story planned, I know what's going to happen and it will happen the way the story is meant to be told.6. This instalment is really long, sorry, but Loo and I thought it best to merge the original instalments one and two. This seemed to be Ron's favoured reply for the past four weeks.

I was able to campout on the bathroom floor at one in the morning writing on ER in a tiny notebook however 8D;5. 'Cos' is a slang abreviation for 'because', I've seen it written as such before. But I think it'll be ok since I've deprived you for so long :x SORRY. But then, Ron had a lot to dwell upon during those four weeks; Felix understood this and remained diligently patient with Ron's dull and tedious funk.

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    While some archeologists working with indigenous people incorporate traditional concepts of time into their research, the linear view of time lies behind most archeological research.

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