Samsung tv guide not updating

2days ago I called Samsung support who confirmed my firmware is the latest version (version 001056), they had me try manually entering DNS to or but this did not solve anything as many other threads have said this resolves connection issues.Also, before calling Samsung, I tried to mirror the tv IP settings to reflect those of my laptop or other devices which connect to my wireless network just fine, but this did not work either.The rest of the threads and sites pertain to issues that I'm not experience.So, here is my description of the issue I'm experiencing and I apologize for not using correct language.The following are far from budget 4K TVs for the most part (that listing can be found further down this page) but their rankings definitely take quality per dollar spent into consideration.For this reason, a few notably superb and famous flagship models from major brands like LG, Sony and Samsung are excluded below because we believe that much more affordable “lower-ranking” models offer performance that’s almost as good as that of the flagships but for much better prices.Anyway, after speaking to Samsung support, they gave me an awesome fix.

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I discovered this by trying to get on Netflix or other app and it gave me network connection error with option to go to network settings.

It’s just like updating the operating system on your phone or computer, and it’s really easy to do.

You can do this either on the TV or Blu-ray player itself, or using your computer and a memory stick.

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