Jiyong and dara seen dating

The pair are seen eating together, and are snapped at an amusement park. It has been described that Mizuhara Kiko was wearing a KTZ dress, the day she and G-Dragon flew back to Seoul, from Phuket on the 26th of December, as seen on this photo taken by the fan: Mizuhara Kiko came to the airport first before G-Dragon arrived, described the fan.Although the shots don’t seem to be recent (mainly due to G-Dragon’s hairstyle and his seasonal clothes), netizens and fans alike are burning with curiosity over the nature of the photos. According to the evidences gathered, it seems that Kiko stayed in Seoul for quiet a while after returning from Phuket on the 26th because on December 28, 2012, Kiko’s friend uploaded a photo of herself with Mizuhara Kiko taken in Seoul.Many people say that the first pic is photoshopped. So the third person might be Harry Kim since he also posted a photo in Phuket. It has been said that a random person who never knew who Big Bang is, uploaded a photo on his instagram account of the three lads, sitting on the big pillows at Sri Panwa pool under the pink skies of Phuket on Christmas Day. This is the photo that he posted: He tagged his post with #sripanwa, which gives away the information to the prying eyes of netizens.

He also posted a grainy black and white photo of himself but he’s not looking at the camera and we can only see his hair.This photo is another reminder that G-Dragon changed his hair color from neon green to jet black, something that he previously revealed a couple of days ago.This could definitely be a strong indication that a new project is imminent.G-dragon was interviewed in Vivi magazine, december issue (Kiko has worked for Vivi for a long time.) where he said he like mysterious looking girls and then pointed at Kiko. Kiko flew to Phuket from Tokyo on Christmas Eve via Seoul.After that (in 2010) articles were released about Jiko and according to Originating from a popular internet forum, photos suggesting that the two went on dates quickly spread like wildfire. Both GD and Kiko returned back to Seoul together the day after.

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