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As opposed to many American Online dating websites, Chinese online dating websites tend to focus on finding a husband or wife.Jiayuan is designed to help Chinese singles find marriage, and discourages its members from pursuing short term flings.Which leads us to ask why Chinese girls are so interested in foreign men?Some Tips for Western Men Interested in Dating a Chinese Girl Chinese etiquette is highly nuanced and it can be easy to offend a Chinese girl or her family unintentionally.China is relatively new to the whole modern-stable-globalized-internet (still working on that last one, really) country thing, and when your culture is over 4,000 years in the making, old habits die hard.Consider, too, the generational issue at play here: The lovely lady you’ve been crushing on’s parents and grandparents are the ones exerting that pressure to get married, even though she herself may not feel that she’s ready or interested.Today, you can’t help but notice mixed race couples almost everywhere when you are in China or other Asian counties.It may seem old-fashioned, but it wasn’t long ago that the families of some Chinese girls actually forbade their daughters to talk to, never mind get involved with, a man not of their own ethnicity.

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Even when you’re dating someone very similar to yourself, misunderstandings are bound to occur.For a fun, safe and uniquely Chinese dating experience, join free today.So we’ve gotten a few questions lately about dating in China. I’m Patty and I am a drop dead gorgeous 23 year old Chinese virgin lawyer from Shanghai.My family is wealthy and I own 2 houses and 3 cars.

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