How is miley cyrus dating

Unfortunately, they parted ways in 2007, leading Cyrus to a rebellious phase where she wanted to be, “against everything Nick wanted me to be.” In a tragic turn of events, this celebrity couple was forced to break up after some leaked photos featuring the two caused a big scandal.

Despite how the photos made it clear that the two were really into each other, the attention ultimately led them to call it quits.

In July, the two were photographed sharing a passionate kiss in a Los Angeles parking lot.

Cyrus and Maxwell later posed for a risqué magazine photo shoot.

Meeting each other through Cyrus’s dad, this relationship also caused quite a stir as Cyrus was a 15-year-old teen and he was a 20-year-old adult.

The breakup was announced via a bunch of melancholy tweets such as, “Tears are words the heart can’t express.” This celebrity couple began seeing each other at the end of 2014 after Schwarzenegger, who admitted his crush on Cyrus in an interview, was introduced to her through mutual friend Selena Gomez. Calls led to texts, texts led to dates, and dates led to a relationship that lasted approximately five months.

"I'm 22, I'm going on dates, but I change my style every two weeks, let alone who I'm with," she admitted in 's October issue. But I'm not in a relationship."Cyrus and Maxwell, 24, met through their mutual friend Cheyne Thomas.And I related to that person more than I related to anyone in my life…I think that was the first gender-neutral person I’d ever met.” “Once I understood my gender more, which was unassigned, then I understood my sexuality more.I was like, ’Oh — that’s why I don’t feel straight and I don’t feel gay.“I always hated the word ’bisexual,’ because that’s even putting me in a box,” Cyrus said, revealing her first relationship in life “was with a chick.” “My whole life, I didn’t understand my own gender and my own sexuality,” she added, recalling how she always hated “being a girl” yet “being a boy didn’t sound fun” either.It wasn’t until she visited the Los Angeles LGBTQ center and listened to the stories of other queer people that she realized not identifying as anything in particular was an identity in itself.

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