Finnish sex chat

It describes the "feeling when you are going to get drunk home alone in your underwear — with no intention of going out.

I have only the physical strength to hold a glass of wine. Bye." Thank you Finland for legitimizing this awesome, totally relaxing custom.

Indeed, Finland's Tourism Board put together a dictionary (complete with accompanying emojis you can download) of "hard-to-describe Finnish emotions, words, and customs." Included in the list of 56 phrases is ). The Chicago Tribune questions what part of speech is kalsarikännit? Until I cross paths with a Finnish person who can correct me, I guess I'll just use it as an ambiguous verb-noun-adjective. One day it just kinda clicked in my brain when I was blaring it in my room?"–mayaha "I was 18 before I figured out what 'Little Red Corvette' was all about.Any business worth its credit rating has its own company sauna.Even Parliament House has its own sauna chambers, as does the Finnair lounge in the Helsinki airport., the Pyhasalmi zinc and copper mine (it's 4600 feet underground, making it the deepest sauna in the world), most passenger and cargo ships and every home, summer cottage and apartment building. A popular Finnish television talk show that ran for years featured two hosts in a sauna chatting up celebrities and government officials. Those serving in the UN Peace Corps are well-known for the tent saunas they build at every base.

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