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Dat heeft de Hoge Raad op vrijdag 4 november 2016 bepaald.

In juli 2015 oordeelde de Ondernemingskamer van het gerechtshof Amsterdam dat de VEB hiertoe gerechtigd is.

Beleggersvereniging VEB mag namens beleggers vragen om een enquêteonderzoek naar mogelijk wanbeleid bij de in 2013 genationaliseerde bankverzekeraar SNS.

Een dergelijk onderzoek is een belangrijke stap op weg naar compensatie van gedupeerde beleggers.

In 2007, I was attending the University of Ghent working on my Ph D dissertation.

At the same time, Drupal was gaining momentum; I will never forget when MTV called me seeking support for their new Drupal site.

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In honor of our tenth anniversary, I wanted to share some of the milestones and lessons that have helped shape Acquia into the company it is today.

I haven't shared these details before so I hope that my record of Acquia's founding not only pays homage to our incredible colleagues, customers and partners that have made this journey worthwhile, but that it offers honest insight into the challenges and rewards of building a company from the ground up.

If you like this story, I also encourage you to read Jay's side of story.

I remember being amazed that a brand like MTV, an institution I had grown up with, had selected Drupal for their website.

I was determined to make Drupal successful and helped MTV free of charge.

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