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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. OK I seem to have two contrary opinions as to which is better here, or are you telling me a grad degree takes two years on top of a bachelor?

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... If I went back I'd be getting a Masters and that would take a couple of years advanced study so that sounds right.

What I’m actually used to men doing is attacking me once they start intellectual fights they can’t finish. But perpetual romantic droughts can make one’s principles—“You’re the best thing I never had; there’s a good in goodbye (I never have the Beyonce “sucks to be u” moment, y’all!!!

I’m used to men putting me in the friend zone because they find my smarts intriguing but not sexy.

Master of Business Communication is post graduate degree structured to educate the interdisciplinary elements in business management in regards to their application by the corporate communicators.

The degree program entails research, training and skill acquisition in the practical world of business communication.

The amount depends on the type of institution as private schools have higher tuition fees.I’m used to men straight up belittling and insulting me—calling me stupid, unattractive, or using “feminist” like an expletive—in order to get the upper hand when they feel intellectually outmatched. In the world of communication and business at large, business communication refers to any communication that is meant to promote a service, product or even an organization by relaying the right information in a business as well as all functions which are considered official company’s statement.Technically I could argue either term fits my 'non-postgraduate' bachelor of yada yada rah rah. I'd especially like to hear from any Aussie girls on that. Since this website has a few more options, you'd be best to consider "Graduate Degree" as a Masters (M. Bachelor's degree sounds weird because we hardly use the term in Australia so unless you've got one you wouldn't know what a Bachelor degree is, and Graduate degree sounds like I'd be claiming to have something I don't.My more general 'ask a girl' question is do you know the difference? What got me wondering is that 'Bachelors Degree' could have such bad connotations for a guy if you didn't actually know what it was. In the US, an Associate's Degree is typically attained in our community colleges and generally takes 2 years to complete the program. A Bachelors Degree is a generally a four-year program gained through accredited colleges and universities. Still, nobody has come on yet saying they have no idea etc. If you had no general studies yours is more equivalent here to a vocational or trade school like De Vry or ATI which do degrees just like you have.

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