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Wild Fox, Guess, Vestal Village camping party and more. On Tuesday April 11th, I will randomly select the winner of the two tickets.

“But I’m making it one.” The annual festival has long been a place for teens and 20-somethings to frolic and Instagram while inebriated and scantily clad in a 78-acre polo field, while also taking in a cacophony of pop, rock, electronic and rap music.

Nubile young celebs like model/actress Emily Ratajkowski, 24, and model/DJ Chelsea Leyland, 25, are expected this year — and are sure to post plenty of sexy selfies in boho-chic garb.

But, increasingly — and thanks to a growing number of nostalgia acts on the lineup, like this year’s headliners Guns N’ Roses and LCD Soundsystem — the fest has also become a mecca for older women.

They’re indie-rock gals looking to get their grooves back after bad breakups, and uptown wives clinging to their last vestiges of youth.

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